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Property management service philosophy of VISAHO – a Japanese enterprise

With the dedication service, VISAHO Joint Stock Company has become one of the leading Japanese enterprises providing property management services in Vietnam.

During the innovation era, rapid urbanization gets thousands of real estate projects built every year to satisfy the needs of society. Thereby developing the property management service at apartments, offices, shophouses... in big cities.

It is undeniable that people's lifestyles are improving so the demand for quality services is also higher. Therefore, developers tend to seek and choose enterprises that provide professional management services to not only satisfy residents and customers but also to increase the value of their properties.

The property management industry is not something new in Vietnam. In a large market today, the number of firms providing services is increasing year by year. Service quality however is not equal to the number of companies. The residents who are experiencing the service are smart and careful people. Not only considering the price but factors such as service quality, culture, staff, and reputation of these companies are also carefully evaluated.

Understanding the concern of residents and clients, VISAHO has researched and implemented useful techniques in property management to balance the demands and sakes of residents with a suitable cost. This makes customers satisfied with the service they spent money on.

VISAHO is a property management company from Japan, and also the pioneer in providing Japanese standard services to Vietnamese customers. Customers always put their trust in Japanese consumer goods or services because this country is famous not only for service quality, but also for its reputation, caution, and consideration in business and treating customers. For that reason, VISAHO has always put trust and devotion first, this is also the cultural feature inherited from the country of the rising sun.

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The Japanese have a saying "Ichio -Ichie" – which means “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”. applied to services to treasure customers every moment, give customers the best service.

Setting foot in the Vietnamese market for many years, VISAHO has applied Ichio ichie to become a cultural feature in property management services. VISAHO staff always treat residents with kindness and devotion at every moment. We must always determine that each meeting, each service is an opportunity, we must know how to make customers and residents feel satisfied and happy.

Triết lý dịch vụ quản lý bất động sản của doanh nghiệp Nhật Bản VISAHO - Ảnh 2.

With dedication and sincerity in service, VISAHO has become one of the leading enterprises from Japan providing property management services in Vietnam with many projects, high-rise office buildings, luxurious properties such as Capital Place Grade A office building, Thang Long Number One apartment, Hoang Thanh Tower, Hong Kong Tower...

Currently, there are many Japanese enterprises "step in the arena" of the property management market in Vietnam, VISAHO must make a difference to impress customers. SHIKUMI system is the strategy that VISAHO applied to develop properties. VISAHO can maintain service quality at the properties, and minimize unnecessary spending, effectively optimizing all services for developers and properties by using SHIKUMI.

To become the No.1 Real Estate Service Enterprise in Vietnam with outstanding "Quality and Professional Service Capabilities", VISAHO always cares about the feelings of customers, thereby providing appropriate and dedicated services.


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