Business philosophy


Providing high quality services that meet Janpanese standards in Vietnam

To bring joy and happiness to all customers: "We will try our best to put a smile on our customers' faces


To become Vietnam's No.1 Real Estate service company with outstanding "capabilities of providing high quality and professional services".

VISAHO will strive daily to provide professional and high-quality real estate services to as many companies and residents as possible.

Visaho action guidelines


VISAHO's employees are characterized by their "Earnestness" and "Subtle actions".

To do this, we work on ourselves every day to perfect out actions.

We bear in mind that: "One failure, one remarkable effort, one success will result in the SHIKUMI mechanism, and lead to 100 successes and joys".

30.280 +

Customers trust and use our services


Years of experience in property management

289 +

Employees and experts

89 +

Major domestic and international partners


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