Dear valued customers.

I am Tsuchiya Masahiro – The General Director of VISAHO Joint Stock Company. VISAHO is a joint venture real estate company between Japan and Vietnam, whose main business is the management of Buildings such as offices, apartments, etc. In September 2015, we started our property management business in Vietnam with the overall management of Viglacera Tower (1). Our parent company in Japan is Sankei Building (2) - the key company of Fuji Sankei Group (3).

Our mission is to provide a high-quality property management service that has gone through baptism by fire in Japan. Needless to say, Vietnam is different from Japan, and the services required in both places also bear no similarity. We have been applying and implementing the good points and experience obtained in Japan to the Vietnam market in the most suitable manner.

To maintain the service quality, we have established VISAHO STANDARD – A set of internal service quality standards (currently VS 2021) containing the experience gained from our daily management activities. By updating these standards every year and applying them to each project, we are capable of maintaining stable service quality. Moreover, we provide thorough training to all employees so that our services can be successfully demonstrated to each and every customer. Our uniform gives all employees a sense of belonging and responsibility. More importantly, when interacting with customers, all employees bear this slogan in mind: “(1) Dress formally (in uniforms), (2) Maintain correct posture, and (3) Greet with a smile.”

Thanks to these efforts, we were one of the "Top 10 high-quality enterprises in Vietnam" in 2019 (voted by the Vietnam Standards and Consumers Association). Furthermore, in 2020, we were chosen to provide property management service in Capital Place – the largest grade A office building in Hanoi.

VISAHO places strong emphasis upon "Creating the SHIKUMI mechanism". We collect and generalize experience and lessons obtained from our daily management work in the company’s head office, then utilize those to establish and improve the “SHIKUMI mechanism”. After that, we will apply this mechanism to ameliorate business and operation procedures. With such efforts, we hope to provide a “High-quality and professional property operation and management service by Japanese standards.”

Vietnam is developing at a breakneck speed, and so does the appearance of cities. Among those changes, we hope to become the pioneer in capturing customers’ interests in the property management industry. We commit to keeping improving our services to become Vietnam’s No.1 Real Estate service company with outstanding “capabilities of providing high quality and professional services.”

We look forward to your kind support

Tsuchiya Masahiro


1) The headquarter office building of Viglacera Corporation - A large corporation in the construction material manufacturing industry in Vietnam. This is also a shareholder of VISAHO company.

(2) The company was established in 1951 and is a general real estate company under the Fuji Sankei Building Group. The company specializes in the building business, and in recent years has been actively expanding from managing property to real estate development. In addition to many real estates such as "Sankei Buildings" in major cities of Japan, the company also owns the hotel chain "GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts".

(3) Japan's largest media conglomerate consisting of 79 companies, 4 corporations, 3 museums, and about 13,000 employees. Its subsidiaries are “Fuji TV”, “Nippon Broadcasting System”, and “Sankei Shimbun”.

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