Dear our valued customers.

I am Tsuchiya Masahiro - General Director of VISAHO Joint Stock Company. VISAHO is a joint venture real estate company between Japan and Vietnam, the main business is the management of Buildings such as offices, apartments... In September 2015, we started building management in Vietnam through the overall management of Viglacera Tower (1). The parent company in Japan is Sankei Building (2) - the key company of Fuji Sankei Group (3).

Our goal is to provide highly qualified building management services that have been forged in Japan. Of course, there are many differences between Vietnam and Japan, and the services that customers require are also different. We are applying and deploying the good points and experiences gained in Japan in the most suitable way with the reality in Vietnam.

To ensure service quality, we build VISAHO STANDARD - The company's internal service quality standard (currently VS 2021), put into it the knowledge and experience that have been gathered from day-to-day management activities, ensuring stable service quality through annual content innovation and application in management projects. In addition, we also train our staff thoroughly to help customers recognize the services we offer. VISAHO employees wear uniforms so that they can clearly understand that they are VISAHO employees. Moreover, all employees will interact with customers with the slogan: “(1) Be well dressed (Uniforms), (2) Correct posture, (3) Greet customers with a smile”.

These efforts bring us achievement for the "Top 10 high-quality enterprises of Vietnam" in 2019 (voted by the Vietnam consumer association). Moreover, in 2020 we were also selected to become the operation management unit of Capital Place building - the most classy office building in the center of Hanoi.

VISAHO attaches great importance to "Building SHIKUMI mechanism". At the company's office, we will gather the experiences and lessons accumulated from the projects through daily management activities, then put efforts into "Building the SHIKUMI mechanism" to apply to the projects as rules to improve business and operational processes. With these efforts, we expect that in Vietnam we can provide "Building operation management services with high quality and professionalism equivalent to the service standard in Japan".

Vietnam is developing rapidly, the appearance of the streets is also changing rapidly, in that change we hope that our business will be a pioneer in capturing customer needs, always at the forefront of the building operation management industry. From now on, we will continue to strive to become the No. 1 Real Estate service company in Vietnam with outstanding "high quality and professional service capacity".

We look forward to receiving your support.

Tsuchiya Masahiro


1) Headquarter office building of Viglacera Corporation - A large corporation in the construction material manufacturing industry in Vietnam. This is also a shareholder of VISAHO company.

(2) The company was established in 1951, is a general real estate company under the Fuji Sankei Building Group. Developed around the building business, and in recent years has been actively expanding from managed property to real estate development. In addition to owning many real estate such as "Sankei Building" in major cities of Japan, the company also owns the hotel chain "GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts".

(3) Japan's largest media conglomerate consisting of 79 companies, 4 corporations, 3 museums and about 13,000 employees. There are subsidiaries namely “Fuji TV”, “Nippon Broadcasting System” and “Sankei Shimbun”.

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