Quality Management of Visaho

VISAHO's outstanding features and differences lie in the SHIKUMI management mechanism - the way to realize high-end service quality following Japanese standards. This mechanism comprises Head office experts; VISAHO quality standards; Quality Control QC team; Training and education; VISAHO Certificate, and Japanese Service Culture.

The above features characterized VISAHO's service management mechanism for maintaining excellent and equal service quality at all projects. All methods and lessons are fine-tuned, obtained over time, and are flexibly applied to each project based on its distinguished conditions, thus creating good experiences for customers when using VISAHO's services.

Quality managed by experts from head office

At VISAHO, we implement SHIKUMI - our own mechanism to ensure quality standards. At other management companies, the quality management work is often assigned entirely to the Property Manager.

On the contrary, at VISAHO, we arrange a team of experts on engineering, operation, and service quality control to supervise the entire operation management board with high standards.

Moreover, we iterate this process to develop SHIKUMI to evaluate the quality of our own service.

Normal operating company

VISAHO Standard

Other companies only develop operating procedures; however, at VISAHO, besides processes, we also develop the VISAHO Service Quality Standards. This set of service quality standards allows employees working at VISAHO to clearly define their goals, contributes to improving the quality of personnel and the work result quickly and accurately.

These standards are always enhanced year by year, thus demonstrating their flexibility and becoming more suitable for each project.


We set new standards every year

QC Team - The quality control team at each project

QC Team - The Service Quality Control Team is a team of professional staff who are well-versed in VISAHO Service Quality Standards and are highly experienced in training personnel and service management to ensure high-quality service of the project.

Training and education

As a Japanese enterprise, VISAHO always focuses on training and education to develop personnel. For all VISAHO staff and contractors' employees, we conduct training on VISAHO Service Quality Standards as well as training on service delivery culture.
Convey enthusiasm, ideals
01 Convey enthusiasm, ideals


Share the company's spirit, vision, direction and way of doing things.

In weekly morning meetings, the Japanese General Director directly communicates to employees. As a service-providing business, a steadfast ideal is something that cannot be imitated.

Training enthusiasm
02 Training enthusiasm


Training the knowledge and skills necessary for practical work. Japanese people from an early age have been trained very strictly. To raise the level of Vietnamese people to this level, passionate instructors need to conduct training with all their heart.

Accelerating education
03 Accelerating education

Education is the establishment and implementation of a planned training program such as position rotation, training, etc. to improve the qualifications of employees. VISAHO accelerates education with the concept of “Training personnel to become Property managers faster than other companies”. As a result, we will educate young, healthy and elite employees.

VISAHO Certification

The VISAHO Certificate is a recognition of contractors' employees' efforts to learn and improve service quality and expertise. Every month, VISAHO will evaluate, test, and give certificates and badges to cleaning and security contractors' employees who meet VISAHO service quality standards. A bonus is also given to these people to encourage and improve their working spirit.

VISAHO Certification

Japanese service culture

VISAHO also conducts training sessions on Japanese service culture for all employees. As a result, each employee will better understand the international service delivery style and know how to show respect to residents and customers.

Japanese service culture
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