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The "green zone" model at the apartment building is effective against the COVID-19 epidemic

The "green zone" model has been established in Hanoi for many days now, many apartment buildings have also become "green zones", helping effectively in the fight against COVID-19.
Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung said that establishing "green zones" is a very important defensive solution in the fight against COVID-19. The government needs to provide specific guidance on criteria for defining "green zones", how to organize people to self-manage; assigned the community COVID-19 Team as the core, mobilizing people to participate in anti-epidemic activities.

In Hanoi, the epidemic is gradually being well controlled as the number of infections in the community decreases. Many areas in the capital, especially apartment buildings, have set up "green zones", creating entry/exit control points in front of each building to enhance inspection and ensure safety for thousands of households. Families live in apartments.

As noted at Thang Long Number One apartment building (No. 1 Thang Long Boulevard, Hanoi), the control points to protect the green area were established very early by the Building Operation Management Board. Immediately after receiving the official letter to establish a safety self-management team to prevent COVID-19 from the government, the "green zone" signboards in front of the building's gate were erected, forming a tight protective perimeter.

Mô hình “vùng xanh” tại chung cư đạt hiệu quả chống dịch COVID-19 - Ảnh 1.

At Thang Long Number One Apartment, the "Green Zone" checkpoints have been set up, performing the task of controlling the COVID-19 epidemic.

Mr. Dang Thanh Hai - Representative of VISAHO Operation Management Board of Thang Long Number One apartment building said: "In addition to the community COVID-19 team, we also set up key teams at the gates of the apartment. All have staff on duty 24/24, control people entering / exiting the building every day, controlling the receipt of parcels from the outside, not allowing strangers to enter the area, checking and preventing people coming out. The road has no legitimate reason to require strict compliance with the regulations on distance; not allowing residents to arbitrarily transfer items from strangers into residential areas, early detection of epidemiological factors in the area to inform Notify the medical station for handling according to regulations…”

Mr. Hai said that the establishment of a "green zone" was supported and appreciated by local authorities as well as by residents for ensuring the safety of residents. "In order to support the establishment of the Green Zone, residents also support more necessities, set up a fund to donate and encourage staff doing key jobs," Mr. Hai added.

Mô hình “vùng xanh” tại chung cư đạt hiệu quả chống dịch COVID-19 - Ảnh 2.

The "green zone" is done by the management team and with the participation of residents' supervision, ensuring strict and discreet implementation.

In terms of ensuring essentials for residents in the building during the isolation period, the building operation management board also instructs residents to buy and sell at convenience stores located in the building, but ensure the minimum distance. and epidemic prevention measures. At the same time, it also creates conditions for households to exchange, buy and sell goods at the "online market" of residents, support epidemic prevention measures to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

At Hong Kong Tower apartment building (Dong Da, Hanoi), the "green zone" key was also set up very early when this is one of the buildings that have done well in the prevention of COVID-19 epidemic. The Building Management Board - VISAHO Company said that before the epidemic broke out in Hanoi, the building had carried out many epidemic prevention activities, especially setting up checkpoints to control people entering / exiting the building. The shipper comes to deliver/receive items at a separate location, the security team supports residents to deliver/receive goods to avoid the risk of exposure.

Mô hình “vùng xanh” tại chung cư đạt hiệu quả chống dịch COVID-19 - Ảnh 3.

Locking in the "green zone" at the Hong Kong Tower apartment building to carry out the task of preventing the COVID-19 epidemic


Mô hình “vùng xanh” tại chung cư đạt hiệu quả chống dịch COVID-19 - Ảnh 4.

The apartment has a separate delivery area to avoid contact with the delivery person


Mô hình “vùng xanh” tại chung cư đạt hiệu quả chống dịch COVID-19 - Ảnh 5.

The "Green Zone" checkpoint performs the task of checking and controlling people and vehicles entering and leaving the apartment

Not only apartments, but also low-rise housing areas in Ha Dong such as The Nadyne Gardens, The Mansions of Part City urban area have also been set up as "green zones". At these "green zone" checkpoints, security forces will control and protect, require people to make medical declarations, and limit unnecessary contact between residents and outsiders.

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