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HDMon Holdings donated more than 1,000 books to The Zei’s library

On 28 June 2021, Hai Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company - HDMon Holdings donated more than 1000 books to the library for residents of The Zei building (My Dinh, Hanoi).

All these books will be managed and put on shelves as soon as The Zei library is completed - said the representative of Visaho Joint Stock Company - the property's management company. The Zei Library is in the community room on the 4th floor of the building. The library is designed in a modern, simple style with multi-purpose space corners to meet the needs of all ages, interests, and genders.

Mr. Dang Xuan Tam - Representative of HDMon Holdings said, the developer will complete the framework of the community area and they will hand it over to the representative of the management board, as the general rule. With the passion to bring residents at The Zei meaningful living experiences, also as a gift to residents before the due date, HDMon Holdings has decided to equip all vital modern facilities and equipment for this community area including over 1000 books with diverse content, ensuring residents have the cohesive, comfortable and civilized living environment.

HDMon Holdings tặng hơn 1.000 cuốn sách cho thư viện dự án The Zei

Mr. Itou Jutaro - Deputy General Director, representative of the Board of Directors of Visaho - Japan Cultural Management Unit


The books categories are carefully selected for people, meeting different reading and research needs such as scientific books, space books, academic books, economics books, technical books, novels, famous history books, foreign-language books... all from reputable publishers.

The representative of HDMon Holdings expressed the desire to help residents, especially children and book lovers approach a modern and diverse library that brings a passion for reading books and spread valuable knowledge. From there, the company and The Zei residents will create a knowledge space together to develop generations’ intellect and personalities.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang is a resident of Mon City (a project of the investor HDMon Holdings in My Dinh, Hanoi), now a resident of The Zei, he has attended the event and handed over more than 1,000 books. Mr. Quang believes that the investor's gift will contribute to building a civilized community and a cultural beauty that is almost forgotten.

Mr. Itou Jutaro - Deputy General Director of Visaho Joint Stock Company said: “The Zei is the first property with so many facilities for residents. This is also one of the rare projects in Hanoi that meets the international standard for luxury apartments. The book donation shows the kindness of the HDMon Holdings developer in providing residents with good and meaningful living experiences. The Zei not only has beautiful architecture, construction, and design but also has a beautiful soul.

HDMon Holdings tặng hơn 1.000 cuốn sách cho thư viện dự án The Zei
 Đại diện đơn vị QLVH Visaho và cư dân đánh giá cao những nỗ lực của HDMon Holdings

HDMon Holdings tặng hơn 1.000 cuốn sách cho thư viện dự án The Zei
 Các bên chụp ảnh lưu niệm tại buổi trao tặng 1.000 cuốn sách cho Thư viện The Zei

There is a saying that we must ponder: "Don't be proud of your wine collection, be proud of your shelf full of books.". At The Zei, every resident can be proud because they can access a huge library of books. This event helps to increase knowledge for an elite community of residents with living values that are increased over time”, the representative of HDMon Holdings shared.

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