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Sadora is excited to join hands to protect the environment on Green Sunday


On 24/1/2021, responding to the call of General Director Nakamura Akihiro in collecting garbage, joining hands to protect the environment for our community, the board of management, cleaners, and security at Sadora (Ho Chi Minh City) participated a meaningful Green Sunday. Early in the morning, The staff had prepared the necessary tools, cooperated with residents to pick up trash and cleaned up the area around the building. Not only adults, the children also joined this activity which help to spread the meaning of environmental protection.

As far as we can see, this was not the first time the Green Sunday event was held by SADORA. This event has not only helped clean up the living area but also increased the bond and understanding between the building Management Board and residents.

The Building Management Board, the cleaners and the security team cooperated with the residents at the trash collecting event.


Achievement of the whole day at SADORA

Garbage collecting and environmental protection are encouraged by the General Director Nakamura Akihiro. This helps to raise awareness of environmental protection, leads to implementing the company's business motto with many contributions to the community and society. -------------

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